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Improving Production Quality with Automated Control Systems


Reliable quality control experts using computer vision (AOI) withsoftware and machine development tailored to your requirements and standards.

Who we are

Our team of experts successfully implements automated quality control systems in various industries, including automotive, steel, electronics, and door manufacturing, significantly enhancing product quality and production efficiency.

From the outset, we focused on developing specialized software, and as of this year, we are creating our own serial product for precise measurement and defect detection on large surfaces, such as entrance doors, aluminum panels, wooden surfaces, and more.

How we can work together 

We deliver solutions—whether it’s software or a comprehensive machine solution that effectively addresses our clients’ issues. With over 10 years of experience worldwide in the automotive industry we approach problems through aprocess with structured steps:


  • Initial discussions to define the problem
  • Problem analysis or feasibility study (optional)
  • Solution development (software or machine)
  • Testing in our facilities
  • Installation and testing at the client’s site

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Why work with us 

Subpixel Ltd. specializes in proactive solutions to prevent critical situations caused by defective products. Directors and production managers spend too much time addressing problems arising from product defects. Our approach and goal are to prevent these issues before they occur. By clearly defining product specifications and using automated tools such as cameras and lasers for quality control, you eliminate the need for manual inspections, saving your time and resources.


Vladimir Perković, CEO

Subpixel Ltd


Phone: +385 95 818 3138