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Soldered Electronics – Boutique EMS service

Electronics Manufacturing with European Precision: Quality, Whether Big or Small Quantity


Who we are

Soldered Electronics combines European manufacturing traditions with contemporary techniques. Situated in Europe, we prioritize meticulous craftsmanship and precise engineering, leveraging extensive experience across multiple sectors. Our European base reflects our commitment to three fundamental principles: achieving excellence in electronics assembly, adapting to diverse requirements with flexibility, and consistently adhering to European Union guidelines. Our services support you from initial concept to its seamless realization.


How we can work together 

When you collaborate with Soldered, you’re entering a partnership built on tradition, precision, and directness. Our process is straightforward:
1.     Consultation: Our initial meetings focus on understanding your precise needs, emphasizing clarity and setting clear objectives.
2.     Bespoke Solutions: We tailor our expertise to meet your specific requirements, delivering only what’s necessary.
3.     Craftsmanship & Precision: Leveraging advanced machinery and an experienced team, we manufacture your electronic designs with a high level of detail and care.
4.     Efficient Communication: We prioritize direct and efficient dialogue, promptly addressing any updates or modifications to avoid unnecessary delays.
5.     Punctual Delivery: European business values punctuality, and so do we. Your projects are delivered as promised, reflecting quality and reliability.
With Soldered, you’re not just receiving a service but inheriting a legacy of European engineering finesse. Our focus is on quality, precision, and timely delivery, all grounded in the rich tradition of European craftsmanship. If your venture requires electronic expertise, we are prepared to deliver in line with the superb standards Europe is known for.


Why work with us

Soldered Electronics is committed to providing reliable electronics manufacturing services. We have a strong focus on prototype production and small to medium-batch manufacturing, prioritizing the quality that mirrors our European heritage.

Our approach is characterized by flexibility. We acknowledge the dynamic nature of the electronics industry and aim to accommodate evolving demands, adapting to individual requirements and unforeseen changes whenever necessary.

Drawing from our collective experience, we strive to offer more than just manufacturing services. Our goal is to provide insights that can contribute positively to your projects. With Soldered Electronics, you’ll encounter European dedication, a willingness to adapt, and a growing reservoir of knowledge to support your endeavors.


David Zovko, Managing director

Soldered Electronics Ltd.


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