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SHERLOOK: A Database for Highly Educated and Exceptional Candidates

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Who we are

Sherlook aims to facilitate connections between employers and their future workforce. We source potential candidates from top-tier universities, reputable businesses, and competitions that attract the finest engineers, economists, managers, and other future-focused professionals. Sherlook aids in skill development and real-life experience accumulation. Connecting with and finding the best matches becomes almost automatic, eliminating most of the hurdles associated with traditional headhunting. We offer verified leads with a proven track record of reducing employee turnover and increasing productivity. We assume the risk—if a lead doesn’t perform, we continue working with you until your needs are met. Expect unparalleled customer service and continuous guidance. We care for our leads, ensuring they perform as promised.

The Sherlook team comprises international young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, engineers, software developers, designers, and economists. Our vision is to provide prospective talent and aspiring companies with a platform to connect and find their perfect match.

How we can work together 

We are forward-thinking and offer a unique approach for every customer. Adaptability to our partners/customers is our strength. With expertise and scalability, we collaborate with both large enterprises and emerging small businesses, providing tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each partner.
Subscribing your HR/Recruiters to Sherlook allows them to search potential employees using filters such as specialization, experience, location, and more. Sherlook contacts and provides up-to-date needs of the targeted leads. Sherlook then delivers a comprehensive document with detailed information and “grades” validated by experts in the given area.
Technical specializations we offer include Production/Manufacturing, Powertrain, Chassis, Materials, Electrical Systems, Battery, Wiring, Driverless, IT, Suspension, Vehicle Dynamics. Non-technical specializations cover Economics, Management, Marketing, and Design.


Why work with us 

Our unique position in collaboration with universities grants us unparalleled access to both future and current workforce information. We host challenges for juniors and seniors, evaluating and gaining insights into their specializations. Our unfair advantage lies in our ability to connect with every university globally. We provide a new type of verified junior specialists with proven records. Focusing on both leads and clients, only the top 1% in their field and top employers become part of our database.

There will NEVER be an unverified lead in our database.


Tibor Kezelj, Founder

Luka Pavlović, Co-Founder