Partnership to growth

Rearm – no-codeautomation


Who we are

Rearm, headquartered in Zagreb, is an IT company focused on practical advancements in robotics and computer science. Specializing in no-code solutions, we aim to transform the technology landscape. Our team of dedicated professionals brings a blend of expertise, creativity, and a customer-centric approach to provide programming services and implement products that address real-world challenges.

From collaborating with major international corporations to partnering with local startups, Rearm successfully provides programming and implementation services that empower organizations to harness the full potential of technology for growth and success


How we can work together

At Rearm, our collaboration is centered around providing solutions for companies seeking efficient automation and digitalization of their processes. We bring a streamlined approach to the table, leveraging our expertise in no-code solutions to swiftly implement tailored systems. By minimizing complexities and reducing costs, we enable a quick and cost-effective transformation of your operations.

Collaborating with us involves a practical partnership. We grasp and cater to your specific needs and leverage our no-code products to construct tailored solutions, enabling your business to progress efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why work with us

Choose us for a partnership that prioritizes practical solutions. We stand out by understanding your specific needs and utilizing our no-code products to build customized solutions. This approach ensures your business advances efficiently and cost-effectively, emphasizing a value proposition centered on tailored and effective solutions.


Ena Fuzul, Director


Tel:  +385 95 880 8444