Partnership to growth

Worcon –metal and plastic processing industry in one place

Worcon is a B2B industrial platform for connecting buyers and suppliers in the metal and plastic machining industry and additive manufacturing.  In one place, you can find quality subcontractors and production partners and also fill idling machine capacities for customers in the region and Western Europe.

Who we are

Worcon by Tridero Tech d.o.o. is a B2B platform for connecting buyers and suppliers in the metal and plastic machining industry and in additive manufacturing. We also offer the option of selling and buying machines, tools, equipment, ready-made solutions and services through our industrial classifieds, and marketing services through an integrated News portal and a monthly newsletter with over 6,000 subscribers.

On one end, we have customers, production companies that are looking for subcontractors because their capacities are full or they want to expand to foreign markets.  On the other end, we have suppliers, companies that either have an available production capacity in production or want to expand their production capacities.

We enable companies from our region to access customers from Western Europe, thereby filling vacant capacities in production and potentially expanding production. Companies that are running to full capacity can find new subcontractors through us and ensure that production runs smoothly.

The Worcon team during the industrial fair in Celje, Slovenia in 2022

How we can work together

The aim of the cooperation is to help our customers, regional and Europe wide, to reach new suppliers in order to meet their production needs, regardless of whether they are running a piece or serial production.

The second goal is to help primarily regional suppliers in entering new markets by connecting with customers, reducing unused capacities in production and encouraging the expansion of existing capacities in order to meet the needs of customers.

Worcon platform creates an ecosystem where both parties are connected. The customer places a tender (RFQ) and at that moment all suppliers who have listed a particular processing technique in their profile receive a notification. They can then contact the customer, send a business offer or ask for additional information. The supplier communicates directly with the customer.

Why work with us

We currently have over 1,300 registered users from 62 countries on our platform. One of the goals of the platform is to enable companies from the Adria Balkan region to connect with customers from Western and Northern Europe, and on the other hand, to enable our Western customers to access suppliers from the Adria Balkan region, for which there is a high level of interest. We are the largest regional platform of its type in this part of Europe and we have entered significant partnerships that give an advantage to our platform users. For example, we are members of the two largest European clusters in the automotive industry (AC Styria and AC Upper Austria) and also members of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria, the largest regional cluster in the auto industry. This means that we are present in associations where members are Tier 1 and 2 production companies, which are constantly looking for new subcontractors, and we are the link between them and potential suppliers from our region.


Gordan Razumić, CEO

Tridero Tech d.o.o.


Phone: +385 91 983 5662