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SpectreXR  – training solutions for the next-generation workforce

As companies transform their businesses to be more digital, the rise of extended reality (XR) technology provides an opportunity to reshape traditional training methods to better serve a more digitally connected and diverse workforce. By using XR solutions, it is possible to create scenarios that are not only more engaging and immersive but also more effective and safer than traditional training methods.

Who we are  

SpectreXR is a startup company that specializes in producing XR (augmented, virtual, and mixed reality) training solutions for the next-generation workforce. Our goal is to help companies and organizations upskill their employees and prepare them for the future of work by using cutting-edge XR technology. 

Our training solutions are designed to be immersive and engaging, allowing users to learn and develop new skills in a realistic and interactive environment. With our XR training, employees can experience hands-on training and practice in a safe and controlled setting, reducing the need for costly and time-consuming on-the-job training. 

We believe that XR technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we learn and train, and we are dedicated to helping businesses and organizations embrace this technology and reap its benefits. Whether you are a large corporation looking to train your employees in complex tasks, or a small business owner looking to provide your team with essential skills, SpectreXR has a solution for you.

How we can work together 

Our role is to develop VR, AR, and MR training, maintenance, and visualization applications with as realistic scenarios and interactions as possible to empower the next-generation workforce.

We can especially help companies that: 

      • are looking to upgrade their education, training, prototyping, and maintenance processes. 

      • want to achieve quicker ROI by implementing XR technologies.

      • are dealing with dangerous everyday situations that are hard or impossible to recreate.

      • have repetitive tasks that require realistic hand interactions.

      • are globally spread and need to onboard and educate their employees or customers.

    Welcome to the next reality!

    Why work with us  

    By implementing virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies, companies will elevate and upgrade their training, maintenance, and prototyping processes and accelerate speed to proficiency.  Saving time and funds while boosting efficiency to the next level and generating quicker ROI, companies will also be recognized as a place of technological advancements and will attract new experts and talent much easier.

    Benefits of working with Spectre XR in creating your immersive training environment: 

        • Increased learning effectiveness & retention 

        • Reduced training costs

        • Overcoming physical distance and enabling collaboration across the globe 

        • Safe learning through mistakes

        • Easy progress tracking & analytics


      Ivan Rajković, CEO

      Spectre d.o.o.


      Phone: +385 98 985 8830