Partnership to growth

Designed for Space. Intelligently applied to your industry.

We design, develop, and build computer vision and AI systems for complex industrial environments – from manufacturing to Space applications. Our AI platform helps you increase efficiency, quality, and safety while cutting costs.

Who we are

Protostar Labs d.o.o. develops artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies for industrial applications. By integrating industrial hardware, AI algorithms and cloud-based software platform, Protostar Labs solutions directly improve efficiency, productivity and security of complex industrial systems.

Beyond manufacturing, Protostar Labs deep technology expertise has led to cooperation with European Space Agency where we work on bringing AI capabilities to the edge devices.  Our solutions ease the process of developing and deploying deep learning models on various hardware devices – from drones to satellites. 

Technology we develop for Space is transferred to the most demanding industrial environments and used by industry leaders. We are an SME company that currently employs just short of 20 highly skilled and talented engineers, our team readily tackles the most challenging problems the industry is facing.  

Why work with us

Our resilient AI-based computer vision systems are used for avoiding recalls and detecting defects automatically. 

Our clients achieve net-zero production and improve the quality of their products. From RGB to hyperspectral imaging – our systems see beyond human sight. Our AI solutions are optimized for resource-constrained environments and machines where each millisecond matters. 

Protostar Labs enables clients to have a real-time monitoring and decision-making system for their industrial facilities, UAVs, and automated platforms.


Filip Novoselnik, CEO

Protostar Labs d.o.o.


Phone: +385 99 232 1648