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Ascalia – a unique management solution for production plants


The Ascalia system provides access to plant information in real time. We collect information using new technologies and help clients adopt Industry 4.0 practices.

Who we are 

Ascalia is a British-Croatian start-up and we enable easy digitization of factories. The company was founded in 2018, and since then we have recorded continuous growth and have 25 employees. Our clients are in various industries: food, wood, metal processing… Current clients are larger companies and most of them operate internationally. In order to be able to cover the ever-increasing demand for our products and services, we have a network of partners who help us solve challenges in the field. Our goal is to help every factory to become a better version of itself using our MES system, that is, the timely and precise information it brings.

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Ascalia MES consists of the following modules that we can implement depending on your needs:

• production monitoring in real time, linkage of machines and production lines

• connection with the ERP system

• digitalization of work orders and worker registration

• calculation of OEE

• micro-planning

• monitoring energy consumption

• quality control

• predictive maintenance and more.

We use industrial equipment from renowned manufacturers. Which enables us to connect legacy machines and machines of different manufacturers.

Why work with us 

Using the system on a daily basis gives quick results, and the system can improve the long-term and short-term operations of the factory.  The main feature of such a system is accurate and timely information. The system does not embellish data and works independently, and also neutralizes the human factor in data collection.

Our goal is a long-term cooperation in which we would support our clients in the further development of production. Our existing clients highlight the following advantages of cooperation:

• increasing productivity

• reduced number of unplanned downtimes

• reduced time duration of planned downtimes

• paperless production

• more precise and faster making of investment decisions

• greater satisfaction of their customers

• better communication between departments

• greater transparency in performance.

We must also emphasize the successful cooperation with the workers of our clients who, after initial scepticism, quickly accepted the system and helped with their suggestions to improve the system.


Filip Crnički

Ascalia d.o.o.


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