Partnership to growth

Alavera – Software solution for optimization of the production process in the textile sector in the form of reimplementation of cutting waste material surpluses

We are multidisciplinary group with many years of experience in the sector of trading secondary textiles, in the domain of practical application of computer vision, and in optimization of production processes according to LEAN methodology. The aim of our project is digitization of the production process and business conversion to the circular and “zero-waste” model.

Who we are  

ALAVERA organization FOR DESIGN AND REDESIGN is a social enterprise with a three-year commercial activity of collecting textile waste for the purpose of its treatment and reimplementation in the fashion stream in the form of value-added products, i.e. with the attribute upcycled (non-chemical, physical treating of products; repair; redesign). After three years of manual experience in the sector, we introduce software optimization in the textile production process and ensure market placement of textile surpluses, primarily preproduction waste.

How we can work together 

By using of our product, you can optimize the business of the enterprise. It is about setting up and adjusting our product to a specific industrial process and modeling problems for the purpose of monitoring the production process, indexing and handling textile waste for the purpose of placing it. Our role in cooperation is to provide software / infrastructure for achieving optimization, while it is a partner’s role to help in modeling a specific problem, so that the partner’s problem is taken care of.

We are open to cooperation with partners from the textile sector in order to gain insight into the geometry statistics of their textile surpluses, but also, we welcome partners from other sectors, who are clients of the textile sector, in order to gain insight into the statistics of their textile geometric needs. We are also open for collaborations that can help us with proving of the innovative concept of our product and preliminary industrial validation of it.

Why work with us  

We are offering to our potential partners:

  • Digitalization of business
  • Increase of enterprise EPR
  • Reduction of economic impact on the environment
  • Additional investment opportunities
  • Increase efficiency (OEE) in production and greater outreach.


Niko Bucalo, Alavera CEO ALAVERA organization FOR DESIGN AND REDESIGN


Phone: +385 97 615 6895